Match Report

Match Report

Catus versus Toulouse Bears, 5th June 2022

A win

Well maybe it was the embarrassing defeat against Eymat the previous week that pushed Catus to play a higher standard of play against the Toulouse Bears at Sordelo.

Even the plan to strengthen the batting due to the unavailability of our two openers, Ali and Sazmi, was not required as it was the efforts of our bowlers and fielders that won the match for us.

Toulouse won the toss and elected to bat, Boby and Atik opened the bowling for Catus and although both bowled well, as it is always the case with the Toulouse ground, any edge generally goes to the boundary rope, or in this case the fence. So Toulouse made a good start in the first few overs.

Atik was quickly struggling due to the crap shoes that he had bought at LIDLE So Kenny, after providing, shirts, pants, caps and sunscreen to everyone, had to abandon his shoes for Atik, unfortunately to no avail as he had already stuffed his leg. So Shaf was brought into the attack. Boby, who obviously had bought Mors expensive shoes, continued to bowl well and had two occasions to take a hat trick and finished with the figures of ‘4 overs 9 for 4. In fact, he is still on a hat trick as the match ended before he was called back.

Shafik also bowled extremely well to finish with 4 overs 27 for 2 and Rahim 4 overs 28 for 4. Badshah also was very economical with 3 overs 8 for 0 and Ijaz 2 overs 9 for 0. Just to add, that there were 6 catches taken by Catus and only one dropped.

Catus started the batting with Hui and Ikram. Hui just recently back into the squad got a good ball from Rafi that rattled the stumps. This didn’t bother Ikram who had his eye in and playing some very good shots.

With Hui gone, Atik came to the crease and with instructions to take his time, hit the first ball for 4. Both played well until Ikram played at a bad ball and was caught behind for 19. Atik was then joined by Rahim who decided that he had better things to do and consequently hit the ball all over the park. Atik was out with a great catch in the corner of the OVAL for 25 and Rahim and Zuber took Catus to the win . Rahim for 26 and Zuber for 11. Both N/O

Great comeback from Catus who had to prove that they can do better. I’m not sure but it may be one of the lowest scores at this ground.

Well done guys, let’s hope we can continue as we know we are capable if we play as a team.

Ken Sutton.