History of CCC

Past to Present

Founded in 2004 Catus Cricket Club (CCC) was put in the map in 2007 when sports enthusiast and, at the time, Mayor of Catus, Claude Taillard, granted the club use of a picturesque area of flat land near Lac Vert at Catus as well as providing financial backing for the purchase of a quality synthetic strip and practice nets. 

A year later Catus CC entered the Association Des Clus de Cricket du Se Ouest France (ACCSO) league for the first time.

Entry into the league guaranteed regular competitive fixtures but by 2012, with some of the founding members “in the twilight of their cricketing careers” the new club captain, Ken Sutton, realised the team needed significant strengthening if it was to compete effectively. On what can best be described as a “tip off” from the ACCSO President he made contact with some young Bangladeshi guys keen to play cricket.

Over the last 10 years players from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sri Lanka also have joined CCC and along with those from UK, South Africa and Australia have become a formidable, inclusive and multicultural team regularly in the hunt for honours and trophies and continuing to go from strength to strength.

In 2022  CCC were both the LOBSC T20 and the ACCSO T20 Champions and became  ACCSO League Champions in July 2023