Catus Cricket Club

Match report 2021

Match Report Catus versus Damazan, 25th July


On a cooler, cloudy day at Damazan, Catus arrived bright and early expecting an noon start, only to find half the Damazan players missing and no umpire. Anyway, for once we were all there early. Damazan won the toss and elected to bat. Play started as usual at 1 pm. Just to add, this game was for double points due to the first not being able to be played, so a lot of insentive for both sides.

Now this is where it gets a bit tricky as Catus had no scorer and Damazans scorer had a few problems with our guy's names. Never the less , without going into to much detail, Atik and Boby, as usual opened brilliantly and within no time Damazan were 35 for 4.

From memory, Bobby dismissed Gagan, caught behind for 1. Then got an LBW to dismiss the other operner. Pavil from covers,with a direct hit at the stumps got rid of N° 3 and shortly after that was a caught and bowled by I think Shafik. So after very few overs, damazan were down 4 battsmen. With no fault to catus's fielding, Damazan managed to put a few partnerships together and finished the innings all out in the 35th over for 175.

A plus for Catus was that the majority of the wickets came from from catch's . Nothing dropped.

So 175 at Damazan is very getable as it is at least a 200 + place ground. So after a short break, openers, kenny and pavil went out with confindence.Kenny had so much confindence that he drove gagans first ball for four? Only to be cleaned bowlesd once again in his second over; Pavil went on to play play well until he was stummped for 33. Ali unfortunately went for the big hit, got a top edge and was caught for 1. That then brought in Sakib who looked in form and quickly picked up the run out as he is cabable of doing. Unfortunately he was given out LBW for 15. This brought in Farouk who started of well but misjudged the flight of the ball and gave a simple catch to Swaren. So now we have skipper Shaf and Atik at the crease. Run rate on target, a couple of outs to many but all looking good at this stage.

Both played well, blocking the good ball, punishing the bad one. Hope was still there, Should I go on? Well the fairytale ended there as Atik was out for a well played 35 followed not long after by shafik for 31. Once again, boby was with the tale enders and once again was stranded N/O. with Catus 25 runs short.

To sum it all up, Catus fielded well to keep Damazan down to 175 as it is a big scoring ground. Bowling was brilliant and catch's held. Once again our batting let us down. Having said that, the batting was much improved concidering it is only our third game and no practice. three of our batsmen, includding one of the openers had made 10 more runs each, it was won.

 Moral. We all love this game and we would all love to win, but sometimes what we want and want we get, doesn't happen. it is great to be competitve and give your best every game but at the end of the day, win or loose, we are a team and have to except that if we losse, the other team was better on the day. But maybe not the next time?

The one thing that Catus CC has going for it is that they are united and family. So lets put the defeat aside and push forward for the next victory.


Ken Sutton.